ESL/ELL Ultimate Guide in Spanish

The enrollment of English Learners (EL’s) in the country’s public schools exceeds 5 million, and this number has been consistently rising. This rapid student population expansion means that schools, and classrooms, are increasingly a combination of cultural backgrounds and linguistic abilities, enriching the educational landscape for every EL and others alike. Unsurprisingly, most English learners in […]

Exploring Special Education in Spanish

Hispanic parents, like all parents, have many questions and concerns when navigating the K-12 education system. Through our work via opcionesescolares.com, we get to see what parents are most frequently Googling, as well as what they reach out to our team on WhatsApp for help with directly. Over the last year, one of the top […]

Together, We Can Help Spanish-Speakers Navigate School Choice (in just two clicks)

School choice options in Spanish

The National School Choice Awareness Foundation launched Conoce tus Opciones Escolares to provide Spanish-speaking families with simple, practical, always up-to-date, and objective information about K-12 education and school choice in Spanish!  Our mission is to spread the word about all school choice options, so families know all the opportunities available and all children can access effective […]