About Us

Expanding opportunity in K-12 education requires a concentrated focus on public awareness and parent empowerment. That's what we do.

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Our Approach

The National School Choice Awareness Foundation (NSCAF) fills a unique niche within the broader community of K-12 education organizations. We raise broad and positive awareness of school choice so that unique schools of choice can thrive in local communities, education options can continue to expand in states, and parents can successfully navigate the process of finding learning environments where their children can succeed.

Our Focus:

NSCAF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to improve K-12 education in the U.S. and support the success of America's students by raising equal awareness of the traditional public, public charter, public magnet, private, online, and home education options available to families.

NSCAF's work focuses on our two charitable programs: organizing National School Choice Week each January and the research, development, and promotion of comprehensive and unbiased school navigation resources for parents via School Choice Week and Conoce tus Opciones Escolares. We do not advocate for or oppose legislation at any level of government, and we are steadfastly nonpartisan and nonpolitical.

NSCAF is supported through grants from charitable foundations and from donations by individual contributors. We are governed by a board of directors comprised of Andrew R. Campanella, Lisa Graham Keegan, and Tracy R. Gleason.

What We Believe

Every child is unique, and all children deserve access to a great education, regardless of their race, ethnicity, family income, religion, place of living, language, or identity.
Parents know their children best and should be trusted to find schools and learning environments that best meet their children’s interests, talents, challenges, and needs.
When moms and dads actively choose schools or learning environments for their children, students are more likely to succeed and reach their fullest potential.
School choice includes all options that parents have or want for their kids: traditional public, public charter, public magnet, private, online, and home education.
School choice is not about elevating one type of school over another for all kids; it means empowering parents to make choices that work best for their individual kids.
Parents deserve accurate, unbiased, and practical information to help them navigate the education options available to their families.

Our Team

Andrew Campanella

President and CEO

Events and Partnerships

Noelle DeLaney

Vice President, Events and Partnerships

Julia Dvorak

Senior Advisor, Events and Partnerships

Daniel Duran

Senior Advisor, Special Events 

Ashlei Brittany

Manager, Participant Engagement

Mackenzie Mate

Coordinator, Participant Engagement

Lynn White

Advisor, Events and Partnerships


Sandy Brown

Vice President, Finance

Kyle Welch

Coordinator, Finance


Haleigh Madsen

Director, Fulfillment

Public Awareness

Shelby Doyle

Vice President, Public Awareness

Krissia Campos Spivey

Project Director, Conoce tus Opciones Escolares

Rebecca Collopy

Coordinator, Content and Data

Alissa Jacques

Coordinator, Social Media

Lucia Matamoros

Coordinator, Media Relations and Research

Astrid Rodriguez

Coordinator, Digital Content

School and Homeschool Recruitment

Sarah Smith

Manager, School and Homeschool Recruitment

Joellyn Santo Paulo

Coordinator, School and Homeschool Recruitment

Special Projects

Clare Mullin

Director, Marketing and Special Projects

Did you know: in 2022, 52% of U.S. parents searched for a new or different school for at least one of their children.

Andrew Campanella

President and CEO

Andrew Campanella is one of the nation’s leading experts on K-12 school choice. He serves as the President and CEO of the National School Choice Awareness Foundation. Throughout his career as a nonprofit executive, Andrew has provided insightful and jargon-free commentary about education options to local, regional, and national media outlets in thousands of interviews.

With more than 18 years of senior-level experience in K-12 education, Andrew has led the National School Choice Week charitable program since 2012, playing a key role in the effort’s remarkable growth. In 2020, he authored The School Choice Roadmap: 7 Steps to Choosing the Right School for Your Child (Beaufort Books), which won the Foreword Indies Gold Award, a Silver IPPY, a Mom’s Choice Award, and a National Parenting Product Award.

Prior to his work with NSCAF and its related programs, Andrew served in senior-level positions at two national education organizations. Andrew attended traditional public schools in New Jersey and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from American University in Washington, D.C. He lives in Miami, Florida.

Shelby Doyle

Vice President of Public Awareness

Shelby Doyle has dedicated her career to providing parents across the U.S. with access to unbiased information designed to help them navigate the school choice options for their children. As the Vice President of Public Awareness for the National School Choice Awareness Foundation, she serves as the organization’s chief spokesperson and oversees the foundation’s efforts to research, develop, and promote school navigation resources for parents.

Shelby has worked in senior-level positions with the National School Choice Week charitable program since 2014. Prior to her work with NSCAF and its related programs, Shelby worked in several positions at academic journals and for government officials. Shelby grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and was homeschooled. She graduated from Houston Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and government, and she lives in Nashville.

Krissia Campos Spivey

Project Director, Conoce tus Opciones Escolares

Krissia Campos Spivey is a rising national leader in ensuring equality of educational opportunity for Hispanic families. After raising the bar for parent-facing school choice resources in Spanish as a part of National School Choice Week, she’s expanding on that work as director of the newly launched Conoce tus Opciones Escolares (CTOE). In tandem with National School Choice Week, CTOE helps parents explore all of their K-12 education options, in Spanish, year-round.

In her role, Krissia leads the foundation’s efforts to communicate with Spanish-speaking communities, builds partnerships with nonprofit organizations to expand Spanish-language school choice outreach, and uses her expertise in digital communications to enhance the foundation’s programs. Through media appearances, informational videos, and articles, she has helped more than 50,000 Spanish-speaking parents access a great education for their children.

As a first-generation immigrant, she is passionate about empowering parents of every background to make informed decisions about their children’s education. Krissia is Salvadoran-American and fluent in both Spanish and English. She earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations and advertising from the Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador and lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina.