Our charitable programs benefit individual families, schools, communities, states, and our nation.

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National School Choice Week

We organize National School Choice Week (NSCW), the largest annual series of K-12 education events and activities.

Held every January, NSCW informs, inspires, and empowers parents to discover the K-12 education options available for their children, while generating widespread public awareness of the importance of opportunity in K-12 education. To organize NSCW, the NSCAF and Navigate team partners with tens of thousands of schools and hundreds of nonprofit organizations to plan and promote events and awareness activities. Since NSCW’s creation in 2011, schools and organizations have planned more than 270,000 independent events and activities, which together have generated tens of thousands of positive stories carried by local, regional, and national media outlets. Learn more at

Resources for Parents

The resources at and through Conoce tus Opciones Escolares transform "school searching" into "school finding."

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. parents say they wish they had more information about the school choice options for their children. NSCAF and Navigate are answering the call and today host the nation’s most comprehensive porfolios of practical, jargon-free resources designed to help families successfully navigate the school search process. Our English-language resource program includes 140 unique guides and 51 videos, at Our multi-faceted Spanish-language school choice awareness effort, Conoce tus Opciones Escolares, includes 114 guides and 58 videos. Together, and Conoce have served 7 million parents since 2020.

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Alissa Jacques

Manager, Digital Communications

Alissa Jacques serves as manager of digital communications at the National School Choice Awareness Foundation (NSCAF). In this role, Alissa oversees the organization’s English-language social media presence and develops high-impact advertising campaigns to inform, inspire, and empower parents about their K–12 education options.

Previously, Alissa owned her own digital marketing agency, served as an adjunct writing professor at Bloomfield College, and spent two years as an elementary school teacher at Democracy Preparatory Charter School in New York.

Alissa attended both public and private schools as a child, where she developed a love for creative writing. She holds a bachelor of arts in education policy and entrepreneurship from New York University, and a master of arts in sociology of education from Teachers College at Columbia University. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, scrolling through TikTok, and exploring NYC with her husband and cavapoo, Russ.