Together, We Can Help Spanish-Speakers Navigate School Choice (in just two clicks)

The National School Choice Awareness Foundation launched Conoce tus Opciones Escolares to provide Spanish-speaking families with simple, practical, always up-to-date, and objective information about K-12 education and school choice in Spanish! 


Our mission is to spread the word about all school choice options, so families know all the opportunities available and all children can access effective education. Since our launch in Sept 2022, we have served over 500 families with one-on-one conversations, responding to questions about education and school options in their community.


But we know that reaching more families needs a team effort that requires partnerships with other organizations. This is why we are calling on all organizations that want to serve their Spanish-speaking community to take advantage of all our new –and always free– resources!


What we are launching now


Easy state-by-state guides that, on just one page, parents can get insights into school choice options. These documents can be printed, downloaded, and shared in all digital communications or printed to be distributed at your community events. 


What’s coming soon


We’ve been working on several resources for the Hispanic community, and they’re all debuting this summer! Here is what you can expect: 




  • A parent-oriented Ultimate Guide in Special Education with culturally relevant information and a state-by-state list of local support resources.  
  • A parent-oriented Ultimate Guide to ESL services, with a compilation of policies in each state, practical advice for parents, and a step-by-step guide from experts on how to help at home.
  • An on-demand interactive webinar/class for parents answering all the questions we gathered from hundreds of conversations with Hispanic parents. A version of this class will be available for organizations that want to make it a workshop class in their community.
  • An exhaustive list of state-by-state organizations that work in the interest of Hispanic children to be consulted by our parent’s readers and contribute to the integral development of their children. 
We are excited to publish and share all these navigation materials this summer!

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