To raise awareness of school choice and empower parents, we think and plan big. Really big.

From helping innovative schools showcase their successes, to supporting parents in finding schools that meet their children’s needs, to driving greater public support for school choice in states, NSCAF’s unique programs benefit tens of millions of Americans.

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Over just the past year, NSCAF's work has yielded big results:


people attended 45 large-scale events, planned by NSCAF and 66 state-level nonprofit organizations, across 32 states.


schools, spanning 71.6 percent of U.S. counties and enrolling 7.3 million students, planned activities in partnership with NSCAF. 


parents accessed NSCAF’s comprehensive, unbiased, and cost-free portfolio of school navigation resources. 


Americans read, saw, or heard about NSCAF programs as a result of 9,951 news stories about our work in FY 2022. 


social media users read or saw information about NSCAF programs on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter.